Calico Ad Specialty Services

We can create exciting pieces of artwork using a combination of our clip art, fonts and free hand illustrators. All we need to know from you is the basic idea or concept either by email, telephone, fax or mail, and we'll take care of the rest.

Sample #1 (phone call)

"My client wants a two color wine advertisement, imprint area 4" x 5". This should be a low cost, quick project. Do you have any stock artwork you could work with? The text should read Marie's Wine Shop with the address 295 Main Street, Boston, MA, # 555-3952. We were thinking the text should be ornate, maybe a script type of font."

To the right is the final image which we sent to be printed for the client. This project cost roughly $30. Generally we can find stock artwork for whatever your needs. Before beginning a project, it is to your company's advantage for you or your employees to ask for clipart samples. We received, quoted, approved, finished and sent out this project in a matter of hours.

sample #1

sample #2

Sample #2 (fax)

"Camp Acuma needs a design with their logo which includes a sailboat in the background. The job is black on white - we can use halftones. Could you put together a layout for me? The maximum imprint area is 12" x 12". We need this as an eps 8 file for Mac."

For this example, we were faxed a copy of a copy of the camp's logo, which we recreated as a computer file. We sent over several possible sailboats for them to choose among, and then proceeded with the job, sending faxes along the way for approval.

Sample #3 (faxed image)

This design was faxed over to us with instructions to clean up and make camera ready for a two color design to go on presentation folders. We recreated the design and added color for $45.

With a faxed image, we can either scan it into our computer and clean it up, or recreate the image. This depends on how clear the fax is and how much detail will be involved.

With almost any job, we can send off camera ready artwork or a file to your supplier the very same day if requested.

sample #3

Sample #4

Below is a simple example of color separations. The steps below are typical of those which we would take with any customer. The left image represents the original artwork. On the right are samples of how the image would look once separated.

sample #4

Steps taken:

  1. We scanned the color decal into the computer.
  2. We then recreated the image in black and white and enlarged it to fit the imprint area requested by the customer.
  3. Next we added color to the image and sent a color proof to the customer (at the customer's request).
  4. After the customer's approval, we prepared the separations to size and sent them directly to the customer's supplier.

We use an extensive clip art library so that we may be able to complete any potential project. We have over 150,000 images to choose among in our database. With so many different pictures readily available to us, you can save time and money. It takes us only minutes to pull up an image that would take a freehand artist hours to create. We can manipulate all of our clip art (size, color, taken apart) in any way necessary. We provide clipart searches free of charge.