Calico Graphic Services


We do more than just graphics for specialty items. At Calico Design we have many skilled artists with different backgrounds and areas of expertise to fit your specific needs. We offer video, photographic and fine art services to be used in conjunction with some of the items listed below.


We can design the overall layout for an ad as well as write the copy. Your ads need to look good and to communicate your message successfully.

Brochures, Flyers

Whether or not you have an idea in mind, we can design the look you need. Just let us know the boundaries within which you want to work, and leave the rest to us.

Business Cards

If you are sick of the same old stock logos from the average print shop, let us design a creative and appealing business card for you or your client.


You'll need this to go with the business cards. While you're at it, throw in some custom designed envelopes and fax cover sheets.

Custom Greeting Cards

Depending on your budget we can either design your card from scratch using one of our artists, or simply use existing clip art to create the look you need.


Besides recreating logos, we also design them. Let us know the style you are looking for: elegant, lively, sophisticated, etc. and we can provide you with several designs from which to choose.

Marketing Reports, Menus, Newsletters

Whether you are a small restaurant or a large corporation, we can provide the document layout design you need. Just give us your information and we will put it together in an attractive and effective format. For newsletters, we can set up a weekly, monthly, or yearly arrangement and send them off to the printer for you as well.

Package Design

Mix together some graphics and some package design and you've come up with the combination that sells.


We can take an existing logo on a business card and digitize it so that when we enlarge it for a sign or a poster it is just as sharp.

We are by no means limited to those items listed above. Please let us know if you have an idea and we will almost definitely be able to serve you. For further information on our services email